All You Need to Know About New Jersey Expungements

In New Jersey, criminal records can be expunged and this is the process of removal and isolation of criminal related records on file within the legal system. The expungement is supposed to cover records of any detention, apprehension, trial and results of offenses. However, these are only granted based on any false arrests or acquittals and the expunged records are segregated, not destroyed. Once you have an expungement order, you are legally entitled to accurately state that there was never an arrest or conviction. You can go ahead and state so in employment applications because even when a background check is done, these records will not be found.

After two years of expungement at this site , you are free to obtain professional licenses for reconsideration. During the application for the license, you need to include a certificate of rehabilitation. It is worth noting though that there are some convictions that cannot be expunged. Criminal homicide, aggravated sexual assault, enticing, kidnapping, terrorism, perjury, human trafficking and criminal restraint are some of the convictions that will not get an expungement. Also, motor vehicle offenses are not allowable. For one to be eligible for expungement, there are some tests that have to be done. The kind of offense, the number and nature of offenses and the length of time that has passes since the offense occurred.

For the indictable offenses, you will only be eligible for expungement after one conviction and you will have to wait for 5 years from the date of supervision for the record to be expunged. Disorderly persons offenses will be allowable up to 2 offenses provided there are no criminal convictions. This one also you will be expunged after 5 years since the date of the supervision. Municipal ordinance violations do not have a limit to the number of offenses as long as there is no criminal record against you. You should also not have more than 2 disorderly persons convictions and you will have to wait for 2 years from the date of supervision for you to be expunged. You may also visit and learn more at .

All the records for juvenile delinquency offenses will be expunged except the ones that are ineligible. You will also have to wait for 5 years since the supervision was completed for it to be done. There is no limit as to the number of offenses for young drug offenders and you will only have to wait for 1 year after supervision. Consult New Jersey expungement lawyers here!